Hydrosols, also know as hydrolats, floral waters, distillates and plant waters, are an aqueous biproduct of the distillation process. There are many therapeutic benefits found in hydrosols because they hold the water soluble properties of the plant distilled, often including small quantities of water soluble essential oil. They are not just waters but are imbued with the aroma and flavor of the distilled material.

Hydrosols are the condensate water co-produced during the steam or hydro-distillation of plant material for aromatherapeutic purposes. Usually the distillation is undertaken to obtain the essential oils contained in the plant material, but occasionally the distillation is undertaken specifically to produce the plant water that results.

Applications of Hydrosols

Hydrosols can be thought of as a homeopathic version of the essential oil. They are safe and gentle for topical and internal use, highly effective in low dilution and few contraindications. There are a myriad of ways to use these healing waters in skin and body care, for health issues, with children, animals and in the home. Esoteric and metaphysical use of hydrosols has been actively researched and relays the abundant energetic properties of these amazing waters.
Properties of Individual Hydrosols.

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