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Essential Oil

At Benson Co, we understand that people are yearning more than ever to reconnect with nature. We strive to recreate the authentic taste and natural experiences through our fragrances/scents and essential oils, across categories including pharma, alcoholic beverages, dairy, bakery among others. This is possible only through a deep focus on quality.

At Benson Co, we source our ingredients from industry-leading vendors, distillers and growers who are synonymous with quality, and are long-standing partners with us. Our extensive and multi-layered quality-driven production and packaging process goes a step further by subjecting the product to rigorous iterative testing, to ensure the natural flavor of the source is retained. It is only after passing each batch of oil through stringent quality checks that we bottle it for our customers.

Our aroma oils are pure and safe to use. We further support purity through physical and physio mechanical techniques including gas chromatography (GC) analysis and other sensory tests before the quality is approved.

To help our customers decide better through greater visibility into our testing processes, we publish the results of these tests on our website regularly.

Benson Co understands building products that address the evolving lifestyles of the customer is the need of the hour. That is the reason, for 71 years, our focus on innovation has been complemented by philosophy of total quality.