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About Us

Over seven decades of sensory excellence

Throughout the annals of human history, fragrances and flavors have always succeeded in evoking emotions, visions and feelings in people. These are the very experiences we at Benson Co have helped our patrons live for the last 71 years and counting.

Since our inception in 1949, we have been capturing the dreams and aspirations of our customers through unfailing dedication to the cause of sensory excellence. We have evolved as one of the leading producers of essential oil in South Asia, and a front-runner in perfumes and flavors. Driven by our obsession with customer delight, we have built our reputation as a provider of comprehensive, effective and timely solutions across the categories of perfumes, flavor and essential oil. Little wonder that we are the natural choice for several marquee fragrances that have captured your imagination. The name Benson Co is thus synonymous with the ‘world of fragrances’.

Benson Co in everything aromatic…

The essence of Benson Co is all-pervading. Quite literally. Customer products as diverse as Aerosol, Alcoholic perfume, Skin cream/lotion, Talc, Shampoo, Hair Oil, Attar, Incense & Food, all have some Benson in them. Some of our offerings are the building blocks of product ideas for other brands. In addition, through our associate firm, we offer customized IFF-branded flavor blends to suit the unique requirements of our customers. We are an ecosystem of fragrances and flavors.

...And flavorful

We specialize in flavor blends for the alcoholic beverage industry.   A dedicated panel with a rich sensory experience evaluates and decodes customers’ requirements to develop suitable alcohol beverages.  A practical, user friendly and a comprehensive blending package is put to use.  The flavor base is from IFF, while natural extracts, oleoresins, hi- impact-flavor chemicals among others are added to get a unique winning blend.

Customer-driven pursuit

At Benson Co, we work closely and extensively with our customers during product development. Guided by the design thinking philosophy, we involve our customers to share their ideas on flavors and combinations, so they have a winning product.

A commitment to excellence

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and the continuous improvement of our operations, products and services, led by a distinct blend of natural talent and professional skill. Our loyal clientele, suppliers and employees are testimony to this. In addition, we are an eco-friendly company that utilizes chemicals recommended as safe.

An eye on the future

Over the years, 'Benson' has grown from strength to strength. Today the company boasts of several distinct features:

  • Sophisticated creative center to develop fragrances with an edge
  • State-of-the-art blending and production facility
  • Flavor application lab
  • Business development center

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