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Partnering with iff

For over 71 years, BensonCo has been the sole destination for our patrons in flavors, personal care and wellness. This has been possible because we have also forged strategic partnerships with the world leaders in these essential solutions. International Flavors and Fragrances (iff), is a household name in 44 countries, and as one of their biggest channel partners in India, we consistently ensure the best of ingredient solutions is made available to the market at all times.

Why iff

iff products are the pioneering ingredients for food and beverage, home and personal care, and health and wellness solutions across the world. iff’s products give clients a competitive edge, given its undying focus on innovation. Read about the company here.

iff’s vision is to be a trusted partner for essential solutions, jointly creating sensorial experiences that far exceed customers’ expectations, while infusing sharp insight and agile methods of working.

BensonCo and iff – Natural synergies

We have a massive range of iff products available ex-stock, meaning you can access them sooner than you would normally expect. This is owing to the priority we accord to these products, as the demand for them is constantly high. To meet the heavy demand, we have a huge warehouse facility equipped to handle large quantity shipments. We have tied up with reputed national logistics companies to ensure timely delivery of the products.

Our ‘Flavor Experience Centre’ is modeled on iff’s mission and purpose to apply science and creativity to make our world a better place. At the Experience Centre, we guide customers in choosing the right flavors by listening to them, facilitating a 360-degree sensory experience, and offering technical inputs that enable them to decide. With a strong focus on design thinking and user experience, BensonCo will always remain a step ahead of the curve, something that is reflected in iff’s way of working and in their world-class products.

BensonCo is committed to being an indispensable partner to iff’s global customer base, by blending our knowledge, expertise and rich experience in flavors and aroma.

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